How It Works

Gorilla Glass Hybrid Laminates
As much as automobiles have evolved over time, you'd be surprised to learn that automotive window glass hasn't really changed in nearly 100 years. Until now. The tried and true process of placing a thick plastic laminate between two plies of soda-lime glass is being redefined using Corning Gorilla Glass for Automotive Exteriors. In this new hybrid glazing construction, lighter, thinner, and tougher Gorilla Glass forms the innermost ply of the laminate—effectively reducing the weight, increasing the durability, and improving the clarity of today's automotive windows.

Demonstration Videos

Fusion IOX

What makes the manufacturing process for Gorilla Glass so special?

Cold Temperature Impact Test

Thin Gorilla Glass Hybrids are up to 5X more resistant to large, blunt force damage than conventional thick traditional windows.

Windshield Defrost Test

Window defrost time is reduced 30% from traditional glass.

Optical Distortion Demo

With Gorilla Glass having virtually no draw lines, Hyperformance® Windshields will have more optical clarity compared to traditional windshields.

Hail Damage Simulation

Even under extreme conditions, Gorilla Glass proves to be more durable than traditional glass.

Sharp Impact Drop Test

Gorilla Glass Hybrids result in a windshield that is tougher, lighter and less likely to require repair or replacement

Advancing Technology through Transparency

Want to learn more?
Click here to read our frequently asked questions.

Advancing Technology through Transparency

Want to learn more?
Click here to read our frequently asked questions.

Solar Control Soda Lime Glass

- Thick outer layer of glass
- Blocks 99.9% of sun’s harmful UV rays
- Blunt & sharp impact resistant

Polyvinyl Butyral (PVB)

- Improves acoustic properties
- Absorbs energy during point impact
- Provides glass resistance to penetration

Gorilla Glass for Automotive

- Tough,thin inner ply
- Can reduce defrost time
- Optical performance helps reduce distortion

How it works

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