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I was looking for a better windshield option and contacted Corning to see if any options were available. I was put in contact with HGP and learned of the products they were developing. When the release of the Ford F-Series was available, ordered one and installed on a truck that is in the Texas oilfield. Customer had prior issues with breaking of windshields due to road conditions and rock debris. Since the installation, no issues and customer loves the windshield. There is not a better option available to the market, go to HGP and order one, you and your customers will not be disappointed.

Robert del Alamo

I’ve had a HGP Gorilla Glass windshield on my 2019 F250 Platinum since the middle of last year and find it to be very clear and resistant to stone damage. I live 2.5 miles down a gravel road in a rural area and have had no chips or breaks to date. I highly recommend a HGP Gorilla Glass windshield for your vehicle.

Greg Jager

A little over 1 month I had an HGP Gorilla Glass windshield installed in my 2017 Ford F150. My original factory windshield had been replaced 2 previous times with and I wanted to try this windshield after seeing it at SEMA in 2019. Right away the first thing I noticed was the clarity. The glass seems crisper and clearer than any of the other products that were used. Other than that, and the Gorilla logo the glass is exactly like the original windshield. I use my truck for work, so I put on a lot of miles, and I am in the death area for windshields, Arizona. I have had several large rocks hit my windshield and nothing has damaged it yet. You do see very small white marks where rocks have hit, but ZERO chips. It has only been a few weeks, and the weather hasn't gotten too hot yet so the real test will be this summer when windshields can reach 200°. Overall my opinion of the glass is that is a great product.

Jeffrey Wacker

Shelby American has been working with Hyperformance Glass Products (HGP) for a couple of years. The HGP team members have all been very responsive and easy to work with on new programs that will benefit both HGP and Shelby American. The light weight and durability of the window glass has been showcased in the industry and featured with our Shelby Super Snake Mustang and Shelby Raptor in their display at the SEMA show in Las Vegas. HGP had an ice cannon that demonstrated the durability of the windshield glass by shooting a 1.75 inch ice ball at a windshield. During the entire show there were no failures. We are currently working on several exciting new programs that will showcase some new technology that should be very popular with our customers. This will help people with better safety with stronger light weight glass while displaying valuable information for the driver. In addition, they were very receptive to working with another company that we have sourced putting technologies together to make driving safer and more enjoyable. Please feel free to contact me if you would like to talk further about our experiences with HGP glass and their people. Having a great and innovative product is important, working with the right people is priceless.

Gary Patterson
President, Shelby American Inc.

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