Jeep Hyper-Tough Windshield (HTJ-DW02668)


HGP Jeep Hyper-Tough Windshield (HTJ-DW02668) – Cost of installation not included.


HGP’s Hyper-Tough Hybrid Windshield featuring Corning Gorilla Glass
Effectively increases durability, improves clarity, and reduces weight over standard glass

Product includes a 2 year unlimited mileage warranty

Solar Glass – Filters UV and infrared rays reducing sun damage to the interior
3rd Visor Frit – The portion of the black ceramic frit that comes down from the top center of the windshield down to or below the rear view mirror
Acoustic Interlayer – Laminated glass which has a special Interlayer that enhances sound insulation properties
Asymmetrical construction with mirror button

Installation cost not included
HGP will ship your new windshield directly to your home. It is the responsibility of the customer to have their windshield properly installed. Should you need assistance finding a local installer please indicate so in the “Order Notes” section at checkout.  A representative from our HGP customer service team will contact you to provide support.