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HGP customers are not most people. They ordered a custom windshield made of hybrid glass because they understand the value of investing in a superior product. They invested in Corning Gorilla Glass for Automotive Exteriors and they’re willing to pay for the professionalism and care that your average customer simply never appreciates. They don’t want to work with the average glass installer. They expect the care and service that only HGP Certified Distributors/Installers can deliver.


Stand Out From the Crowd

Our HGP Certified Distributors/Installers are the only installation professionals approved to install with Corning Gorilla Glass for Automotive Exteriors. This means that only HGP Certified Distributors/Installers are authorized to offer their more discerning customers the opportunity to upgrade their windshield to Corning Gorilla Glass for Automotive Exteriors. Corning Gorilla Glass products are lighter, more durable and simply a better value over time than traditional soda lime products.

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When you’re ready to work with a better kind of customer, we have an opportunity for you. The only cost for participation is that you continue to provide the best customer care and attention to detail in your service area.  Are you ready to become an HGP Certified Distributor/Installer? Then fill out the form below and let’s get to work.

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