Snowy JL Wrangler

Windshield Winter Prep – From the Experts

With the cold weather and even snow in some areas approaching, you might soon find your vehicle with ice on your windshield. While a little bit of snow isn’t a problem since your wiper can take care of most of the work. When it comes to ice, that’s a different story as it takes slightly more effort to clean off of your windshield. Here are the Top 5 Tips that the glass experts at HGP can recommend to easily and efficiently clean ice off of your windshield.

  1. Don’t pour hot water onto your windshield as the drastic change from temperature could cause your windshield to crack. Especially if it already has chips or small cracks.
  2. Avoid using ice scrapers with any metal and instead use a plastic ice scraper instead. Doing this will prevent you from scratching your windshield.
  3. If there is solid ice on your windshield, don’t try to use your wipers to clear it off. This will just wear down your wiper blades and slide across the surface of the ice.
  4. Using a combination of your scraper and the defroster is the fastest, safest, & most efficient way to remove ice from your windshield. The heat from the inside of the vehicle helps melt the ice on the outside surface.  Doing this makes it easier to smoothly scrape away all the ice on the windshield.
  5. If you have remote start, be sure to start your car about 5 minutes before you plan on leaving. This will give your vehicle time to gradually heat up so the defroster can begin to melt the ice. Make sure the heat is on HIGH and changed to the Windshield setting.
    • If you have a Hyperformance TOUGH or other Hybrid Windshield, your windshield will actually defrost faster due to the glass being thinner. Click here to learn more about our Hybrid Glass Technology!